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Sensory Play | Birthday Cake

Keeping my toddler entraining for more than 5 minutes it's not an easy job in my house. Toddlers have a very short attention spam and the get tired very quickly of the same activity.

So having some easy ideas for activities and play is always handy. Specially if everything I need is already in the kitchen.

It's very easy and simple, it doesn't require much set up and the cleaning is pretty easy, specially if you have a vacuum.

Here's what you need to set up this little cute sensory bin :


Here is what I used,

  • 2 cups of flour. I used normal all purpose flour. but if your little one is gluten intolerant you can replace it by gluten free flour.

  • 1/2 coconut oil. I like to use coconut oil because it has antimicrobial properties that can help protect against harmful microorganisms.

  • 1 cup of sprinkles. I used some fun sprinkles with different shapes that they were already in my cabinet. Fun stars, shiny balls, etc . Make it yours or use what you already have.

Please note, and it is important : all those ingredients are safe for toddlers and little one. Theres nothing toxic or harmful. But it is not design for consumption. If your little one while playing eats a little bit, it will not be harmful but you should supervise the play if your children still mouthing or they have tendency to eat with what they play.


There's no much you need for this activity as almost everything should already be in your kitchen. For me, what I used was :

  • Our Flisat Ikea table with two inserts (one side for the mixture and the other for the tools).

  • Cupcake liners

  • Birthday Candles

  • Kitchen utensils, like spatulas and measuring cups and spoons, wooden spoons, a whisk etc

Sensory play benefits the fine-tuning motor skills. Children identify objects by touching during tactile sensory play. Experiencing a variety of textures help them develop fine and gross motor skills - pouring, transferring, scooping....


mTo make the moon sand cake mixture is very easy. Take on of the bins and pour first the flour and the coconut oil. Mixed it well, first with a fork, then when the oil is absorbed use your hands. Until it becomes soft mouldable texture. Then add the sprinkles and you are done !

Use the other bin to showcase all they utensils and accessories they can use, the candles, cupcake liners, wooden spoons etc.


To make it easier, I have created this little recap here, ready for you to save on your phone on pin on your Pinterest. An easy way to have all the information you need for your sensory activity.

Hope you enjoyed this little quick and easy post, and that you like the little sensory activity ! So many more ideas to come and more activities to share. So stay tune and don't miss out !

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